Below are just some of the things that fellow CrossFit athletes and fitness enthusiasts have had to say about KRATOS RX’D products:

“Used the FUEL RX’D pre-WOD fuel last Thursday and Friday for 2 horrendous WODs (running, toes to bar, plus a partner bar don’t touch floor WOD). Didn’t even realise I had done the run and then set best time in box (for us mortals) on toes to bar!! Partner WOD (400 reps) was a long slog but never got tired or pumped, so could keep going!! This week 2 WODs in and felt really flat!!! Verdict = Kratos doesn’t give you wings its turns you into the HULK!!! It is now on my monthly wish list!!!”
Lee Drabble – CrossFit Cardiff and Personal Trainer

“Tried the FUEL RX’D and RECOVERY RX’D samples last week. Had a great buzz off pre workout smashed a PB and pushed myself even harder than normal. Post workout was awesome too, both great tasting products, I will definitely be taking these products and so will my clients.“ 
Ricky Srivastava – Adrenalize Fitness Owner

“The FUEL Rx’D is by far the best pre trainer I have used! Gives me the focus and explosiveness for my strength training and at the same time helps me find that extra gear that I need in an all out balls to the wall Wod!! It’s also not so strong that if you train in the evening you can still get to sleep. This pleases my wife no end!! The RECOVERY Rx’D is a tasty recovery shake that doesn’t bloat you and helps you to train multiple times per day! I can’t recommend these two products highly enough!” 
Paul Kearton – CrossFit Plymouth

“The RECROVERY RX’D shake is so easy to drink after a tough WOD, it doesn’t bloat you out and tastes great. Highly recommended”
Robin Sowden Taylor – Co-Owner of Dragon CrossFit and Ex Welsh International Rugby Union

“One of, if not THE best tasting recovery shakes on the market. I found it truly refreshing and full of flavour with a smoothie like consistency which most other brands boast but never pull off. Highly recommended! I will definitely be purchasing more Kratos products in the future.”
Rob Knight – CrossFit Colchester

“I’ve been using Kratos Fuel and Recovery for about 6 months now. It does exactly what it says it will, fuels you pre WOD and helps you recover ready for the next session. What more do you want? With a million products to choose from I like using Kratos because it is an excellent UK produced all in one that gives me everything I need!”
James Trelor – CrossFit Plymouth

“I first tried Kratos when I was given a sample of Recovery RX’d and instantly found it to be the best recovery drink I’d ever tried. The taste is great and it’s so light and easy to drink straight after a workout, when you don’t really want something heavy and it’s awesome to have something refreshing to drink. I have already recommended it to a number of people… I have since tried Fuel Rx’d and found all the same aspects as with the Recovery drink and it led to a much more energised gym session. Definitely going to look at getting some in the future!”
Simon Gilmurray – Coach at CrossFit London


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KRATOS RX’D is a specifically designed range of nutritional supplements that have been developed to meet the needs of the modern day functional fitness athlete, giving you everything you need to improve WOD times, RX that benchmark, get that new PB and to push yourself as hard as you possibly can.

FUEL RX’D gives you everything you need to squeeze out that extra rep, to shave off those few important seconds and to get that new PB. FUEL RX’D is a specific pre WOD energiser formulated to maximise power and strength gains, promote focus and intensity, support overall endurance and accelerate muscle recovery

RECOVERY RX’D combines all the ingredients that you need to recover from the toughest benchmark. Containing high quality, lactose free, whey protein isolate it will allow you to hit workout after workout, day after day. RECOVERY RX’D is a specific post WOD recovery matrix formulated to accelerate muscle recovery, promote rehydration, replenish essential nutrients and to help you grow and repair faster than ever before, allowing you to increase lean muscle mass.