Team Kratos

Team Kratos is the embodiment of what we want to represent as a brand. Being a member of team Kratos is not only about being a great athlete, it’s about being a role model in the community. Our athletes have worked hard for years to achieve what they have and this dedication has translated into some fantastic accomplishments, both in the realms of competition and furthering physical literacy as well respected coaches.

KRATOS RX’D is proud to link itself with some great athletes and affiliates as shown below; if you are interested in sponsorship either as an individual or as a club please contact us.


Current Affiliates:

Celtic CF CF Caerphilly CF Faction CF Teesside CSN1 DC Logo GARX1

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KRATOS RX’D is a specifically designed range of nutritional supplements that have been developed to meet the needs of the modern day functional fitness athlete, giving you everything you need to improve WOD times, RX that benchmark, get that new PB and to push yourself as hard as you possibly can.

FUEL RX’D gives you everything you need to squeeze out that extra rep, to shave off those few important seconds and to get that new PB. FUEL RX’D is a specific pre WOD energiser formulated to maximise power and strength gains, promote focus and intensity, support overall endurance and accelerate muscle recovery

RECOVERY RX’D combines all the ingredients that you need to recover from the toughest benchmark. Containing high quality, lactose free, whey protein isolate it will allow you to hit workout after workout, day after day. RECOVERY RX’D is a specific post WOD recovery matrix formulated to accelerate muscle recovery, promote rehydration, replenish essential nutrients and to help you grow and repair faster than ever before, allowing you to increase lean muscle mass.