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RECOVERY RX’D is the revolutionary all in one supplement brought to you by KRATOS RX’D. The specifically formulated Post WOD Recovery Matrix gives your body everything it needs post workout in a great tasting, fruit flavoured, juice drink. With 26.4g of amino enriched whey protein isolate, carbohydrates along with creatine monohydrate, glutamine, HMB, added electrolytes, vitamins and minerals there is no other recovery product out there as all encompassing.

- Speed up muscular recovery
- Accelerate hydration
- Replace vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients
- Repair and come back stronger

Getting all the essential nutrients your body needs to repair has never been easier thanks to this refreshing, fruit flavoured shake that you’ll actually look forward to drinking after your WOD.

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KRATOS RECOVERY RX’D is the original all in one post WOD recovery supplement.  The research driven blend of protein, essential carbohydrates and active ingredients has been specifically formulated to give your body everything it needs to recover from the toughest WOD, it will allow you to train harder, for longer and keep coming back for more! Don’t let your body give up before you’re ready to!

RECOVERY RX’D is designed specifically to increase the rate of muscular recovery, decrease muscle soreness, improve hydration levels, replace essential nutrients lost during exercise – It gives your body everything it needs to recover, repair and grow!

RECOVERY RX’D uses de-lactosed whey protein isolate which allows for a light, refreshing, juice like taste that is unrivalled by other all in one shakes. This great taste and the fact that it’s so easy to drink after a tough workout is just one of the many reasons that Regional athletes from all over Europe are using RECOVERY RX’D to help them repair between WODs.

Each 60g serving of RECOVERY RX’D contains:

26.4g Whey Isolate RXtreme™ – Whey protein isolate is one of the most highly bio-available protein sources in the sports nutrition industry, it is lactose free and mixes clear to allow for a fresh juicy shake. KRATOS Whey Isolate RXtreme™ is the one of the purest and fastest absorbing protein sources available and this speed of absorption is key to getting your muscles recovering immediately after your workout finishes. BCAA fortification of RXtreme™ means that it contains the highest proportion of branched-chain amino acids possible which are essential for; encouraging protein synthesis, lowering blood pressure,  maintaining bone density and balancing nitrogen levels in the body.

27g Essential Carbohydrate Matrix – Supplementing with carbohydrates immediately after training is essential to the recovery process, and the Essential Carbohydrate Matrix in KRECOVERY RX’D ensures that the glycogen stores depleted during heavy bouts of exercise are restored fully. This Carbohydrate supplementation will also optimise insulin levels to ensure that maximal protein synthesis can take place and further muscular breakdown doesn’t occur.

5g L-Glutamine – Supplementing with Glutamine has been linked with numerous health benefits, including improved immune system functionality. Taking glutamine along with the other active ingredients in RECOVERY RX’D results in the optimum absorption of nutrients by he muscles and cells put under stress during training.  Supplementing with glutamine has been shown to stimulate tissue repair and increasing insulin levels post exercise so that carbohydrates are used correctly for muscular recovery.

5g Pure Creatine Monohydrate – Creatine monohydrate is one of the most highly researched performance supplements in the world and has been linked increased energy levels, enhanced endurance, notable improvements in strength and power and improved body composition and  lean muscle mass.

1.5g HMB - HMB is a metabolite of Leucine which is the primary branched chain amino acid connected with tissue repair and the prevention of breakdown of muscular tissue. Leucine also assists with the immune system and has also been shown decrease body fat and lower blood cholesterol, it has also been linked with significantly reducing muscular soreness post workout.

Fortified Electrolyte Complex – Hydration post workout is massively important to recovery rates, if your body is as little as 2% dehydrated then bodily functions, including muscular repair are dramatically effected. The Fortified Electrolyte Complex in RECOVERY RX’D helps to create an isotonic environment and promoting proper rehydration.

Multivitamin and Mineral Formula – During exercise our bodies lose many vitamins and minerals through sweat, energy production and the general metabolic impact of training – the multivitamin and mineral matrix in RECOVERY RX’D allows the body to replace these lost elements and continue with regular bodily functions quickly after exercise.

Probiotic Enzymes - All of the active ingredients in RECOVERY RX’D are included in the shake to help your body recover by using them effectively, the added digestive enzymes allow the body to absorb these ingredients quickly and efficiently and start the recovery process immediately after ingestion.

Serving Suggestion:
Mix 1 heaped scoop (60g) with 350-450ml of cold water and consume immediately after training..

Mix with less water to begin with and add water to taste – due to the purity of the whey protein isolate used in RECOVERY RX’D this product may foam up slightly when shaken, this is perfectly normal and the foam should settle soon after mixing.


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