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The original and the best pre WOD energiser! FUEL RX’D is the number one best selling pre workout supplement to competitors in boxes all across the region, it’s know as ‘PB Juice’ for a reason!

- Accelerate power and strength gains
- Increase mental focus and workout intensity
- Support overall endurance
- Improve Muscle Recovery

With Blackcurrant FUEL RX’D, you can take your WOD to the next level! It’s simple. IT WORKS

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(30 Servings)

KRATOS FUEL RX’D is the first pre workout on the market designed specifically as a pre WOD energiser. FUEL RX’D was formulated to give your body everything it needs to squeeze out those extra reps, to cut those few important seconds and to set a new personal best. FUEL RX’D is the go to pre workout for competitive athletes and members of boxes all over the European Region for one reason alone… IT WORKS!

FUEL RX’D is specifically designed to accelerate power and strength gains, increase mental focus and workout intensity, delay the onset of fatigue and help improve muscle recovery. The research driven dosages of active ingredients in FUEL RX’D allow you to push your body further than you ever thought possible.

Unlike the majority of pre workout supplements on the market, FUEL RX’D doesn’t contain any pump inducing ingredients which will lead to blood pooling in the muscles and your performance will suffer – in fact FUEL RX’D takes this a step further and is actually designed to improve oxygen transfer and delay the onset of fatigue and buffer lactic acid! This great tasting, easy to drink energy boosting supplement is all about boosting performance, no proprietary blends, just results!

Each 30g serving of FUEL RX’D contains:

14.1g Essential Carbohydrate Matrix – Pre workout carbohydrate supplementation has been proven to improve performance increasing muscular endurance levels and delaying the onset of muscular fatigue. The carbohydrate matrix in FUEL RX’D is the perfect pre training energy source for performance – giving your body the energy it needs to complete even the most gruelling WOD in record time.

5g Pure Creatine Monohydrate – Taking Creatine is proven to significantly improve muscular energy, enhance muscular endurance, accelerate strength and power gains in training and improve body composition by increasing lean muscle mass.

3g Beta Alanine – Beta Alanine supplementation improves both anaerobic and aerobic muscular endurance and increases work capacity by delaying the onset of muscular fatigue and buffering lactic acid levels. It has also be linked with increased strength and power output and lean muscle mass gains – the Beta Alanine in FUEL RX’D ensures that you are able to train as hard as possible for as long as possible.

KRATOS RX’D NO and Mental Clarity Complex – containing 3g Citrulline Malate and 3g Taurine, this complex is designed to improve oxygen transfer and blood flow, which drastically enhances aerobic performance. These active ingredients also aid mental clarity, increase focus and reduce the perceived rate of exertion of exercise.

FUEL RX’D Muscular Contraction and Energy Formula - 150mg combination of Caffeine, Tyrosine and Green Tea Extract in optimum ratios for improved performance. This addition to FUEL RX’D enhances energy levels, increase anaerobic threshold and metabolic function, supplementing with these active ingredients has also been linked with enhanced recovery from exercise.

Fortified Electrolyte Complex – The scientifically researched quantities of Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Phosphorus with added Vitamin E in FUEL RX’D create an isotonic environment in the body – this promotes hydration and allows for improved rehydration post exercise, delaying the onset of fatigue during exercise and improving recovery post exercise.

Multivitamin and Mineral Formula – Providing 50% of your RDA of vitamins and minerals the multivitamin and mineral matrix in FUEL RX’D helps maintain optimum energy levels, increases muscular endurance, as well as improving aerobic capacity/reducing the perceived rate of exertion of exercise and enhancing recovery.

Digestive Enzymes - The addition of specific digestive enzymes assures that all of the active ingredients in Fuel RX’D are absorbed efficiently and the benefits are seen quickly.

Serving Suggestion:
Mix 1 heaped scoop (30g) with 250-350ml of cold water and consume 15-30mins pre workout.

Mix with less water to begin with and add water to taste, those that want a stronger taste will enjoy a serving with 250ml, If you want a weaker flavour drink add more water.

Absorption rates of some active ingredients may take longer if you have eaten if you have eaten within 60-90 mins of training. If this is the case, you may wish to allow a further 10-15 mins for FUEL RX’D to digest before training (30-35mins). For those training on an empty stomach can usually take FUEL RX’D 10-15mins prior to training for best results.


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