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AMINO RX’D™ is the all new all encompassing performance enhancing supplement from KRATOS RX’D that can be taken pre or intra workout. This specifically formulated blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and cognitive enhancing agents will improve your performance during workouts both physically and psychologically.

AMINO RX’D has been developed to ensure that your body responds to the training you are putting it through, and not a single ounce of potential is left un-reached. By creating an optimal environment for growth and repair through carefully doses hormonal agents you will see a new and unrivalled adaptation to exercise that will take your training to the next level.

If all this wasn’t enough, you can combine AMINO RX’D with FUEL RX’D to create quite simply the most effective performance enhancing pre workout shake you’ve ever taken.

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KRATOS have finally released their latest formula, AMINO RX’D™! In stunning mango and blood orange flavour, this new highly versatile supplement can act as a stimulant free pre workout in its own right, can be taken during your workout delay the onset of fatigue and enhance performance or can even be added to FUEL RX’D to create quite simply the most potent performance enhancing pre workout shake imaginable.

AMINO RX’D™ is a branched chain amino acid (BCAA) formula developed specifically for functional fitness athletes, but it offers so much more than just a regular BCAA shake. The targeted inclusion of certain active ingredients allow AMINO RX’D™ to significantly enhance cognitive function, focus and intensity in WODs without the use of stimulants that will affect the nervous system causing adrenal fatigue. These specifically dosed active ingredients will take the psychological benefits of AMINO RX’D a step further by actually lowering the perceived rate of exertion of the athlete during intense exercise, actually making WODs feel easier!

Along with the enhanced cerebral benefits of AMINO RX’D™, there are also numerous physiological benefits associated with this supplement. AMINO RX’D improves performance at a cellular level, dramatically reducing the ‘oxygen cost’ of exercise, as well as improving blood flow and oxygen transfer rates, this three-fold improvement on overall oxygen efficiency leads to an unprecedented increase in both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. These benefits are also noticeable on recovery rates between rounds and in WODs, you will feel ready to go again sooner than ever before.

AMINO RX’D™ supplementation will also drastically reduce exercise induced cortisol levels – leading to reduced tissue breakdown, more positive adaptations to exercise and an optimal hormonal environment for growth and repair. Add to this 10g of BCAAs and you will further prevent muscular breakdown, leading to reduced muscle soreness and improved recovery throughout exercise.

Simply put, AMINO RX’D™ is an all-encompassing performance enhancing supplement that will improve both physical and psychological performance beyond belief, as well as supporting an optimal hormonal environment for growth, repair and adaptation to exercise, it will ensure you get the most out of the hard work that you put in.

Each 20g serving of AMINO RX’D™ contains:

10g BCAA (3:2:1 Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine) – Branched Chain Amino Acids are highly anti catabolic, meaning they prevent tissue breakdown, and they are metabolised directly in the muscle. Research has shown that taking BCAAs also preserves glycogen stores along with dramatic reduction in tissue breakdown during exercise. Moreover, supplementing with these amino acids has been proven to decrease signs of both physical and mental fatigue during intense training sessions, resulting in increased time to exhaustion. Among many other performance benefits, BCAA supplementation is linked with reduced muscle soreness,  increased power output and higher anaerobic threshold.

Cognitive Enhancement Blend
300mg Rosenroot – Rosenroot is a traditional Chinese medicine proven to promote physical/cognitive vitality. In recent studies, supplementing with Rosenroot has been shown to vastly reduce signs of both physical and mental. Furthermore, Rosenroot promotes longevity and improved focus for intense exercise over extended periods and has been shown to dramatically reduce the rate of perceived exertion.
120mg Ginkgo Biloba – Ginkgo Biloba works in two ways to boost performance. Firstly, it is a potent cognitive enhancing ingredient, resulting in increased alertness and improved cognitive performance during exercise. Secondly, it will significantly increase oxygen uptake and improve blood flow to muscle tissue.
40mg Vitamin B Complex – The blend of B vitamins in AMINO RX’D™ was specifically created to support high energy levels, increase focus and intensity during hard training sessions and to promote red blood cell production. The KRATOS RX’D Vitamin B Complex contains 10mg B1, 8mg B2, 10mg B3, 10mg B6, and 40mcg B12. B vitamins are anti oxidative in nature, so the added health benefits are as great as the positive effect on performance.

Oxygen Efficiency Formula
1000mg L-Carnatine – Research shows that taking L-Carnatine improves both aerobic and anaerobic performance while reducing the rate of perceived exertion during intense exercise. Carnatine supplementation has also been proven to enhance recovery, improve cognitive performance and it is strongly linked to increased work capacity.
750mg Beetroot Exract (Nitrate) – Taking beetroot extract before and during exercise has been proven to significantly enhance both aerobic and anaerobic performance by lowering the overall amount of oxygen needed to perform. Nitrate supplementation has also been strongly linked with notable reductions in rate of perceived exertion of exercise.
400mg Panax Ginseng – Known as ‘True Ginseng’, Panax Ginseng is the most researched form of Ginseng used in sports nutrition – It’s use has been proven to improve oxygen transport and blood flow, while supporting an anabolic environment in the body by reducing the rate of tissue breakdown during intense exercise and lowering the cortisol levels.
200mg Magnesium Citrate – Magnesium is a largely deficient essential mineral in athletes – this deficiency has a whole host of negative effects on performance, health and general metabolic processes. Getting adequate magnesium has been proven increase muscle oxidation dramatically, improve aerobic performance and to maintain optimum blood pressure levels for performance.

Cortisol Reduction Complex
2000mg L-Tyrosine – Tyrosine is a powerful anti catabolic amino acid that can dramatically reduce cortisol levels. There are also many psychological benefits to Tyrosine supplementation, including increased alertness, reduced mental fatigue and enhanced cognitive performance.
100mg L-Theanine – Derived from green tea, Theanine is a widely researched active ingredient that significantly reduces stress levels during exercise, and inhibits the production of cortisol. Like Tyrosine, Theanine can also promote focus and mental dexterity during complex tasks.
10mg Zinc Citrate – Like magnesium, deficiencies in zinc are incredibly high worldwide, especially in those that sweat regularly. Zinc Citrate is highly bio-available and has a very high proportion of ‘elemental zinc’ per mg, which will replenish zinc levels lowered through increased perspiration. Zinc is essential for our body to regulate enzymes, adequate zinc levels are required to maintain optimal hormonal levels for growth and repair of tissue and it is also a powerful antioxidant – supplementing with zinc has been shown to significantly boost immune function and zinc is commonly prescribed to help reduce the frequency of illness.

Muscle Protection Matrix
250mg Fenugreek – Fenugreek supplementation improves the rate of glycogen synthesis, increasing recovery rates both during and after exercise. Fenugreek has been used for years as a hormonal optimiser, linked with increased levels of free testosterone, increased growth hormone production and improved health bio-markers.
500mg Vitamin C – Due to it’s highly anti oxidative nature, Vitamin C has been linked with more health benefits than almost any other available active ingredient in nutrition, but it is often overlooked in terms of what it offers in terms of athletic performance. Taking adequate vitamin C  is proven to reduces muscle soreness, increase adaptation to exercise and improve both oxygen transport and blood flow.
400mg Electrolyte Complex – During exercise, hydration is one of the most overlooked limiting factors to performance, added electrolytes help to replenish minerals lost during periods of extreme exertion, allowing the body to hydrate quickly and more efficiently. This improved hydration leads to a reduction in muscle cramps, spasms and unwanted fluctuations in blood pressure and body temperature during intense exercise.

Serving Suggestions:
As a stand alone, stimulant free pre workout drink:
Mix 1 scoop (20g) with 350-450ml of cold water and consume 15-30mins pre workout

As an intra-workout support shake:
Mix 1 scoop (20g) with 400-500ml of cold water and sip throughout your session

For the ultimate pre-workout combination:
Mix 1 scoop of AMINO RX’D (20g) and 1 scoop of FUEL RX’D (30g) with 400-500ml of cold water and drink 15-30mins before your WOD

The above serving suggestions are guidelines only, you may wish to try with less water to begin with and add water to taste, although African Mango and Blood Orange AMINO RX’D will work well with either flavour of FUEL RX’D we suggest taking it with Tropical Orange flavour for the best flavour results.


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