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AMINO RX’D™ is a super versatile blend of BCAAs, essential minerals, an unrivalled micro-nutrient profile and active ingredients for cognitive performance.

AMINO RX’D™ works as a pre workout drink that is stimulant free, yet promotes focus and intensity.
It can also be taken as an intra-workout supplement to helping to maintain physiological and psychological performance.
Thirdly it can be used in conjunction with FUEL RX’D to give you an unrivalled pre workout shake in terms of benefits to performance.

AMINO RX’D™ was formulated specifically to create an optimal environment for adaptation and growth, allowing your body to respond and react effectively to the stimulus of training, the adaptation seen when supplementing with AMINO RX’D™ can not be replicated elsewhere and taking this shake will ensure your body is reaching it’s full performance potential.

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KRATOS RX’Ds most recent pre/intra workout formulation is here! AMINO RX’D™ now comes in enticing dark berry and pomegranate flavour.

The highly versatile blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and cognitive enhancing agents can be taken pre workout in it’s own right as a stimulant free WOD energiser. It can also be used as an intra-workout drink to help maintain focus and intensity. Finally, it can combined with FUEL RX’D to produce a pre workout supplement so incredibly effective that you won’t believe the results

Amino RX’D™ is a research backed branch chain amino acid supplement that has been specifically formulated to enhance cognitive and physical performance during WODs. It can act as a standalone, stimulant free pre workout, or can be taken intra workout to maintain focus, enhance oxygen efficiency and prevent tissue breakdown during your session.

The addition of our active ingredients such as rosenroot, tyrosine and ginkgo biloba promote focus and cognitive performance without overly stimulating the nervous system, meaning Amino RX’D will give you an intense focus beyond comparison without causing adrenal fatigue.

Amino RX’D has been designed specifically to enhance the efficiency of oxygen transfer from all aspects, including increasing blood flow, improving oxygen uptake and reducing the overall oxygen cost of exercise, this allows for a dramatic increase in both aerobic and anaerobic performance. Improved oxygen efficiency also improves the rate of recovery between bouts of intense exercise dramatically, allowing you to take in more oxygen, use it more effectively whilst decreasing the overall amount of oxygen needed simultaneously.

Cortisol is a highly catabolic compound that causes muscle breakdown and is associated with a decrease in anabolic hormones like testosterone, IGF-1 and growth hormone. Thus reducing levels of cortisol is ideal for an athlete to achieve tissue growth and positive adaptations to exercise training. Amino RX’D Cortisol Reduction Complex allows the body to remain in an anabolic state while training and thus leading to lower levels of overall stress and adrenal fatigue. This reduction in cortisol is show to have a positive impact on sleep, mood, sex drive, bone health, ligament health, cardiovascular health and athletic performance, potentially lowering overall tissue inflammation.

Amino RX’D takes the reduction in muscle tissue breakdown a step further with the inclusion of our Muscle Protection Matrix that works alongside the 10g of BCAA in the formula to further reduce the overall breakdown of tissue during exercise. This reduction in tissue breakdown will lead to reduced soreness and improved recovery between sessions, allowing you to train harder, for longer, more frequently.

Each 20g serving of AMINO RX’D™ contains:

10g BCAA (3:2:1 Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine) – Branched Chain Amino Acids are among the nine essential amino acids for humans, they are highly anti catabolic and are metabolised directly in the muscle. Studies have shown that supplementing with these amino acids will preserve glycogen stores and reduce tissue breakdown during exercise. BCAA supplementation has also been proven to decrease signs of both physical and mental fatigue during training and result in an increase in time to exhaustion in prolonged endurance exercise. BCAAs are also linked with increased power output, reduced muscle soreness and improved anaerobic capacity.

Cognitive Enhancement Blend
300mg Rosenroot – Known as Rhodiola Rosea, this Scandinavian herb is proven to promote physical/cognitive vitality. It has been strongly linked by a number of recent studies to vastly reduce fatigue and exhaustion in prolonged stressful situations. Rhodiola is also neuroprotective and promotes longevity and improved focus for extended bouts of physical exercise while also reducing the rate of perceived exertion.
120mg Ginkgo Biloba – Ginkgo is a cognitive firing agent that will improve alertness and mental performance during exercise as well as significantly increase oxygen uptake and blood flow to the working muscles.
40mg Vitamin B Complex – This blend of B vitamins has been specifically formulated by KRATOS RX’D to support energy levels, increase red blood cell production and increase focus. The blend is also anti oxidative in nature; the complex contains 10mg B1, 8mg B2, 10mg B3, 10mg B6, and 40mcg B12

Oxygen Efficiency Formula
1000mg L-Carnatine – Supplementing with Carnatine has been proven to increase fat oxidation, improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity and reduce the rate of perceived exertion during intense exercise. Other benefits include enhanced recovery and cognitive performance as well as links to improved overall work capacity.
750mg Beetroot Exract (Nitrate) – supplementing with nitrate has shown significant improvements in both aerobic and anaerobic capacity as well as marked reductions in rate of perceived exertion and the amount of oxygen cost of exercise.
400mg Panax Ginseng – Panax Ginseng is often referred to a ‘True Ginseng’ as it is the most researched form of Ginseng on the market. Supplementing with panax has been proven to improve oxygen transport and blood flow while reducing cortisol levels and allowing the body to remain anabolic rather than catabolic.
200mg Magnesium Citrate – Magnesium is a dietary mineral which is the second most common deficiency in the first world (first being Vitamin D), this deficiency causes an increase in blood pressure and reduction in insulin sensitivity, both of which are potentially dangerous side effects. As well as the decreasing blood pressure and increasing insulin sensitivity supplementing with magnesium has been linked with remarkable increased muscle oxidation and improver aerobic performance.

Cortisol Reduction Complex
2000mg L-Tyrosine – Tyrosine supplementation has been proven to reduce cortisol (catabolic stress hormone) levels. Tyrosine is also proven to increase alertness and cognitive performance and reduce fatigue.
100mg L-Theanine – Theanine is derived from green tea and is widely researched cortisol blocker that will reduce stress levels during exertion. It has also been shown to promote focus during tasks that require physical and mental dexterity.
10mg Zinc Citrate – Zinc deficiencies are high in those that sweat regularly and Zinc Citrate has the highest proportion of ‘elemental zinc’ available per mg, allowing you to replace lost zinc easily and efficiently. Zinc is an essential mineral involved in regulating a large amount of enzymes in the body. It is a powerful antioxidant and immune boosting supplement, and is most commonly used to reduce the frequency of illness and to support optimal testosterone and growth hormone levels.

Muscle Protection Matrix
250mg Fenugreek –Supplementing with Fenugreek will improve the rate of glycogen synthesis and thus increases the rate of recovery during and after exercise. The seed extract is also linked to testosterone production, increased growth hormone levels as well as many other general health benefits.
500mg Vitamin C – Vitamin C has a whole host of health and performance benefits including reduces muscle soreness, increased adaptation to exercise and improved blood flow. The general anti oxidative properties of vitamin C have been linked to numerous general health benefits also.
400mg Electrolyte Complex – Added electrolytes help to replenish minerals lost through metabolic rate and sweat during exercise, this allows the body to hydrate more efficiently and avoid muscle cramps, spasms and changes in blood pressure during exercise.

Serving Suggestions:
As a pre workout drink:
Mix a single scoop (20g) with 350-450ml of water and consume 15-30mins pre WOD

As an intra-workout focus and intensity shake:
Mix a single scoop (20g) with 400-500ml of water and take as needed during your workout

For an unrivalled pre-workout supplement:
Mix a single scoop of AMINO RX’D (20g) and a scoop of FUEL RX’D (30g) with 400-500ml of water and consume 15-30mins prior training

Conversely, you may want to mix less water to begin with and add water to taste.

Although Dark Berry Infusion AMINO RX’D will work well with either flavour of FUEL RX’D we suggest mixing it with Blackcurrant flavour for the best flavour match.


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