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KRATOS RX’D was developed in 2012 by Kratos Nutrition owner Mike Catris. Mike is a CrossFit Level 1 and level 2 instructor as well as a qualified CrossFit Football, CrossFit Endurance and CrossFit Gymnastics Coach. Mike has competed at the highest level across the UK and Europe since 2012 and is also the co-owner of ION Strength and Conditioning (CrossFit Llanishen) in Cardiff, South Wales.

After competing in CrossFit for just over a year Mike realised that there were no nutritional brands that truly catered for the needs of CrossFit athletes, this is where the idea of KRATOS RX’D came to life. After months of research and development the first two formulas of the KRATOS RX’D range were finally ready to launch; FUEL RX’D the world’s first ever functional fitness specific pre workout formula and RECOVERY RX’D a post WOD recovery formula designed to meet the needs of athletes.

FUEL RX’D is the first pre workout of it’s kind, the original and the best! Formulated to enhance performance in WODs and on the platform FUEL RX’D is a specific pre WOD energiser formulated to maximise your strength and power gains, promote mental clarity and focus during workouts, support high intensity, improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity and to kickstart the recovery process by promoting rapid hydration and preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue.

RECOVERY RX’D combines high quality, lactose free, amino enriched whey protein isolate, essential carbohydrates, creatine, glutamine and HMB along with an impress micro nutrient profile in a refreshing, easy to drink post WOD shake. nd all the ingredients that you need to recover from the toughest benchmark. RECOVERY RX’D is used by athletes all over the world to decrease recovery times, hydrate quickly and efficiently, replenish minerals and nutrients lost during intesnse exercise and to help them repair, grow and come back stronger again and again.

ZM RX’D is the most scientifically advanced zinc and magnesium support system available today. With the highest bio-available forms of both minerals, ZM RX’D is specifically formulated to aid sleep quality, accelerate muscular recovery and support a positive hormonal balance for athletes – reducing stress hormone levels, and increasing free testosterone, IGF-1 and human growth hormone production. ZM RX’D allows you to use sleep as efficiently as possible, preparing you for the next day’s training.

KRATOS RX’D are also happy to announce that we are in the final stages of formulations for our O3 RX’D and D3 RX’D,  these new supplements add something special to the range. O3 RX’D sees the purest pharmaceutical grade omega 3 on the market combined with a stunning anti-oxidant profile and micro nutrient support system will improve overall health markers dramatically. D3 RX’D is a specifically designed blend of Vitamin D3 fortified with calcium, antioxidants and mineral support which will help your body function more efficiently on a cellular level. Both formulas will allow you to recover better, reduce muscle and joint soreness and promote overall health and well being – they are due to launch in September 2014.

KRATOS RX’D currently sponsor a number of CrossFit athletes that have competed at the highest levels of the sport including Crossfit European Sectionals, CrossFit European Regionals (individual and team competitions), the CrossFit Four Nations, Divided We Fall and The London Throwdown. Each of these athletes have strong prospects in this years CrossFit Open.

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KRATOS RX’D is a specifically designed range of nutritional supplements that have been developed to meet the needs of the modern day functional fitness athlete, giving you everything you need to improve WOD times, RX that benchmark, get that new PB and to push yourself as hard as you possibly can.

FUEL RX’D gives you everything you need to squeeze out that extra rep, to shave off those few important seconds and to get that new PB. FUEL RX’D is a specific pre WOD energiser formulated to maximise power and strength gains, promote focus and intensity, support overall endurance and accelerate muscle recovery

RECOVERY RX’D combines all the ingredients that you need to recover from the toughest benchmark. Containing high quality, lactose free, whey protein isolate it will allow you to hit workout after workout, day after day. RECOVERY RX’D is a specific post WOD recovery matrix formulated to accelerate muscle recovery, promote rehydration, replenish essential nutrients and to help you grow and repair faster than ever before, allowing you to increase lean muscle mass.